Our Story

I would like to take a minute and introduce ourselves. If we have not yet met – my name is Rachel and my husband is Cameron. We were married seven years ago in Cameron’s hometown and have been pretty much inseparable since we began dating over ten years ago. We have a boxer dog named Piper and she is our 100% spoiled rotten fur baby. We were both born ‘n raised in the South, have a deep love for the Atlanta Falcons, and cannot imagine living anywhere else!

Soon after we were married we began discussing starting a family. We decided we wanted to enjoy it being just the two of us for a while before adding any “little loves” to our household. Fast forward several years and you will see a struggle of infertility and sadness. We began to feel the emptiness of a childless home and started researching options to expand our family. After many months of prayer, discussion, and a leap of faith we decided adoption was the route for us. We contacted our agency, Faithful Adoption Consultants, and initiated the process of becoming adoptive parents. Our Home Study has been completed which means we are one step closer to bringing our “little love” home forever! We are ready to see where this journey leads us and cannot wait to see everything God has in store!

Hebrews 11:1