1 in 8.

Could this person be the one? Could this house be the one? Could this job be the one?…These are questions that may cross your mind as you go through life. But, you never this of yourself as, the one. Cameron and I, in fact, are the one – the one couple that struggles with infertility. 1 in 8 – that’s 15% of couples in America.

When Cameron and I were married 7 years ago, it never crossed my mind it may happen to us. To be honest, after the first year of trying to conceive, I could hardly bring myself to say the word. Infertility was a foreign subject and it took a while for me to admit that was now the category we fell into. I am typically a private person and found it hard to begin sharing our struggles to conceive with others. As time passed, the words may have come easier, but the emotions became harder. The reality that this would impact the rest of our lives began to sink in. Fast forward 5 years through extensive testing and heartbreak, we still had no answers. We began to pray the Lord would show us our next step to expand our family. For us, our answer was adoption.

We soon both began to feel a calling to contact an adoption agency. Cameron and I both felt adoption was something we wanted to pursue, but possibly later in our marriage. It was something that took serious prayer and consideration to initiate the process of paperwork, background checks and fundraising. Our adoption journey began last September. We are currently in the midst of  the process and could not be more excited! It still hurts my heart to think we may never have biological children, but we are doing our best to seek God’s will for our family. If that means that never happens, God is still SO very good. We know it will be worth it and while infertility is part of our story, vocabulary, and emotional make-up, we are working to push through and seek joy in the journey.

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Photo Credit: Candice Horsefield

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