We received news that our look book has been completed and will be shown soon to birth moms! Oh my goodness – receiving this news made our hearts very happy! It has really began to sink in that we could be parents soon! It truly feels surreal to be in this journey. Adoption is something we discussed and created expectations about in our minds, but it has not been 100% what we imagined. But, let’s be honest, what in life goes 100% as you expected? So far this path has opened our hearts and minds to a whole other world we never had experienced. And, one we may never had gotten the joy to, had it not been for our challenges to conceive. Some days are tough, some are happy and other days, we just wait and pray. While we are very excited (and anxious) for this next step, we are unable to be officially “matched” with a child until we are fully-funded.  As some of you may know, adoption is very expensive. We have a financial goal of $45,000. So far, we have successfully raised $5,000. Praise the Lord! Please take a moment to consider donating to help bring baby Arnold home! If you feel led, simply click the Donate Today tab. Every penny and prayer helps!

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” – Unknown

Always Pray Big,
The ArnoldsPie Chart
Help Us Adopt
Photo Credit: Candice Horsefield


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