The Weight of the Wait

Imagine someone has told you are going on a trip. You don’t know when you are leaving or where you are headed, only that you will be going somewhere. So, you pack your bags and wake up the next morning and ask, “Where are we going? Is it time to leave?” You get told, “No. Wait, and ask tomorrow.” The next day you ask again, “Where are we going? Is it time to leave?” You get told, “No. Wait, and ask again tomorrow.”…etc.

This has been our life in the season of waiting. I am sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated or anxious when you have to wait for something, especially when you are excited! That is the season we are in currently…waiting, waiting, praying, and more waiting. Waiting is tough, right?! Every day I have woken up with the feeling of nervous excitement anticipating a call that will change our lives forever. The call telling us a mom has selected us to be the parents of her unborn child. This eminent change is heavy on my mind. It has been tough to share my feelings here publicly after our fundraiser in June (where we were completely overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity) since we have still been in what feels like a stagnant state. I have been keeping a private journal of our adoption ups and downs. I want to be able to share that with our child one day and reflect on how I felt emotionally and how God provided for us every single step of the way.

A few weeks ago I began to read the book In the Wait and it has filled my heart with so much hope and joy. This book is great to read no matter what season of “waiting”  you may be in in your life. I am not always a patient person so this has opened my eyes to a new perspective and how I can prepare my heart during this time of waiting for our child. The good thing is it is not just applicable to mamas-in-wait, so I know I will keep it and re-read it in the future. If you are a mama-in-waiting – know I completely understand where you are coming from and would love to pray for you! If you decide to read In the Wait yourself, let me know your thoughts!

In the Wait


Always Pray Big,

The Arnolds


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