Parenting 101

Recently, Cameron and I attended a newborn caretaking / parenting class at a local hospital. We were both excited to learn some tips and tricks from a professional. Growing up, I babysat a lot of neighbors’ children and my first college major was even Childhood Education. Cameron, on the other hand, had never even changed a diaper. While we are both firstborns and had been around our younger siblings, we knew taking a class would be beneficial to us one day as new parents. During the class they covered everything from swaddling to feeding to diapering to bathing – oh my! I think Cameron did great for a practice run and I was super proud! From early in our relationship I knew Cameron would be an amazing father. It was fun building a memory together as we take the next steps toward parenthood. I think we are most excited about going through this learning process together. We make a good team and I hope that this quality in our relationship will only be magnified once we are blessed with our little one. I can’t wait to experience parenthood with my favorite person on the planet!

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Dad skills
Dad Skills!
Infant Class
The snacks got us through!
Passed with flying colors
Passed with flying colors!

Always Pray Big,

The Arnolds

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